Oklahoma State football players talk about the value of Rob Glass to the program

ARLINGTON, Texas — Tyler Lacy smiled as he told the story, but you could tell he wasn’t smiling as he experienced it.

While speaking Wednesday at Big 12 Media Days at AT&T Stadium, Lacy, a red-shirted senior defensive end for the Oklahoma State football team, sang the praises of Rob Glass, who earlier this year received a pay raise that likely made him the highest-paid force. and fitness coach in college football.

Earlier Wednesday, head coach Mike Gundy called Glass the most important person in the OSU program, and Lacy agreed.

“He’s the most important guy,” Lacy said. “He’s the team. Everything goes through Glass. He knows everyone in the team personally. So it’s good to have him there. He pushes us every day to be the best player we can be.

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Has such a pay rise — Glass signed a five-year contract for $1 million a year in February — had any impact on Glass’ attitude or approach to players?

“Oh, not at all,” Lacy said, that smile firmly on her face. “He always arrived early in the morning, ready to go. Ready to execute us.

” Between. Stretched. I took the line and ran. There was no change. We said congratulations, but Coach Glass is Coach Glass. He doesn’t really let that faze him. He just comes to work every day at the same time ready to kill us.

Junior receiver Brennan Presley hasn’t revealed his exact current weight, though he’s listed at 175 pounds on the Cowboys’ latest roster update. Still, he expressed his gratitude to Glass for the muscle he added over the previous two seasons.

“You spend more time with your weight room trainers than your position trainers,” Presley said. “You’re still in there, even if you’re doing rehab or something. And he’s been around long enough to know the system. He has seen great players pass. He knows what it takes to be at this level. And he’s seen great teams, so he knows what it takes to be at that level of team.

So not only does it uplift and train us, but it mentally trains your mind. I think that’s one of the biggest things that people don’t really realize… You’re going to get mentally uncomfortable and some people might leave. But he tries to push us beyond that limit so we can tap into something we don’t even know we have.

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Oklahoma State wide receiver Brennan Presley admitted he had to borrow jeans and cowboy boots from his younger brother, Braylin, to wear for the Big 12 Media Days last week after his teammate Brock Martin decided that all OSU players should wear them for the event.

OSU Football Extra Points

Here are some other takeaways from the Cowboys’ Big 12 Media Days appearance:

∎ Photos have started to appear on social media over the past few days of the laying of the new turf at Boone Pickens Stadium, part of a $40 million global work in progress. Most of the upgrades are fan-centric, although the team also got a new turf on the training ground, as well as some additional improvements in the locker room.

“It’s pretty good. It’s pretty bright, I guess,” OSU quarterback Spencer Sanders said of the new turf. it’s not finished, so we don’t know what it looks like. It’s definitely going to be exciting. It’s supposed to be done before fall camp, so I’m excited about it.

∎ Sanders shared his perspective on the positives and negatives of the name, image and likeness era of college football: “I’m not pointing any fingers. I just don’t like people using it for recruiting. But that’s how it is these days. It’s like that. We’re just here to play ball. NIL is here to help us. It helped a lot of people. In fact, we just got two NUL deals for our team, so I’m thrilled for that. I hope it will bring a better future for college football.

∎ While visiting the site of the Big 12 title game loss last year, defensive end Brock Martin admitted the loss played a big role in his decision to return for a super senior year .

“That was a big part of that,” he said. “Chances are that if we had won that game, we made it to the playoffs, then you get more attention, more scouting, GMs coming to watch you and stuff like that. You never know what my provisional grade would have been. I’ll never know, because it didn’t happen.

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∎ Martin came up with the idea of ​​having all players wear jeans and cowboy boots on Wednesday, which worked well for most players. But Lacy had to borrow boots from former offensive lineman Josh Sills. Presley got jeans and boots from his younger brother, Braylin, who is a freshman for the Pokes.

∎ Traded running back Deondre Jackson was one of the newest additions to the team, joining shortly before moving from Texas A&M to Stillwater in June. It’s a significant addition to a position without much college experience behind starter Dominic Richardson. Presley sees good qualities in Jackson.

“He’s cool,” Presley said. “He tried to beat me at bowling, but he can’t. It is good. He has good cuts. He’s really strong and he has a positive mindset, which is what you expect from someone who wants to come in. They want to start, they want to win. He’s definitely going to be a good back for our team.

∎ Presley doesn’t force all new guys to go bowling with him, but… “If you talk about it, you have to talk about it. You have to at least beat me,” he said.

∎ Presley also shared some insightful thoughts on NIL: “I just want to have enough money to be able to leave my dorm and not have to check my balance when I buy something to eat,” he said. “If I can do that, I’m straight.”

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