Prodapt joins the MuleSoft Technology Partner Program

Prodapt Launches “MuleSoft Certified Connector for Aria” to Simplify Integration with Aria’s Billing and Monetization Platform and Help Businesses Build Seamless Digital Experiences, Faster Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India – Business Wire India contributed to the partner ecosystem by launching a “MuleSoft Certified Connector for Aria”. The “Aria Connector” accessible in Anypoint Exchange will allow companies to simplify integration with Aria and expose convenient methods to take full advantage of the capabilities of Aria’s billing and monetization platform.

Prodapt helps its customers to integrate Salesforce and Aria faster by using this Anypoint connector. It allows to configure and accelerate: • Synchronize account information, product information, billing and invoice information b/w Salesforce and Aria • Simplified authentication and easily adaptable to new modifications , and invoice in real time and improves customer satisfaction. “As enterprises around the world see exceptional value in building IT ecosystems using cutting-edge cloud applications, reducing and simplifying integration costs using proven best practices is critical. for time to market and assurance. Prodapt’s MuleSoft Certified Connector for Aria adds to this mature and growing ecosystem, to dramatically simplify integration,” said Brendan O’Brien, Director of innovation and co-founder of Aria Systems.

“Industries are facing new demands that are driving them to accelerate the pace of digital transformation,” said Brian Miller, senior vice president of business development at MuleSoft. “The Connectivity Benchmark report shows that integration challenges are slowing down critical digital initiatives for 88% of organizations. This collaboration enables our mutual customers to create a composable business by unlocking and securely integrating their data and applications to deliver new levels of speed, agility, and efficiency.The MuleSoft Technology Partner Program includes leading enterprise software vendors in functional applications, such as CRM, enterprise resource planning (ERP) , marketing automation, and HCM, as well as across industries including financial services, healthcare, retail, and media, and telecommunications.Using MuleSoft, technology partners help customers achieve speed, increased agility and efficiency MuleSoft’s platform enables businesses to become businesses composables, where they can turn every asset in their organization—data, bots, and apps—into reusable building blocks to scale and increase the speed of work.

MuleSoft customers can learn more about Prodapt’s MuleSoft Certified Connector for Aria by visiting: Prodapt customers can Learn more about how to integrate data from siled applications and systems faster and automate entire workflows more efficiently with MuleSoft at: -integration. About Prodapt Prodapt is particularly focused on vertical connectivity. Prodapt partners with the main creators of our hyper-connected world. Prodapt’s customers are telecommunications operators, digital/multi-service providers (D/MSP), technology companies and digital platforms in the field of connectivity.

Prodapt builds, integrates and operates solutions enabling next-generation technologies and innovations. Prodapt serves global leaders such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, AT&T, Verizon, CenturyLink, Adtran, Vodafone, Liberty Global, Windstream, Virgin Media, Rogers, Deutsche Telekom, among others. Prodapt customers help over a billion people and five billion devices stay connected.

Prodapt has offices in North America, Europe, Latin America, India and Africa. It is part of the 120-year-old business conglomerate, The Jhaver Group, which employs over 22,000 people in over 64 locations worldwide.

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