Program Manager – Q City Metro

About the role: program manager
The Program Manager is responsible for delivering the program in 6-7 schools (serving approximately 300-350 students) by directing program staff, providing practical and direct support in schools, as well as planning and meticulous execution to ensure the highest program quality. and loyalty to student success. In addition, this person will lead selected program projects and have responsibilities in recruiting volunteers. Overall, the Program Manager will contribute positively to Heart’s growing team, with a high bar of excellence. This person should passionately inspire staff, volunteers, school leaders and donors to take urgent action to ensure that all students develop the strong math foundation and enthusiasm for academics they need to succeed in the long term.

Job Responsibilities: Key responsibilities are listed below.

Program management
• Use solid teaching data and practices to support the academic growth of approximately 300-350 students in 6-7 schools.
o Become an expert in elementary math education and best practices.
o Become an expert in Heart’s assessments and curriculum.
o Use student data to inform student needs, coach staff, provide hands-on support and modeling, and report to principals/teachers and HMT management.
o Use program data to quickly identify and address operational challenges.
• Manage a team of 5 to 7 program coordinators. Program Coordinators are 18-hour-a-week employees, each dedicated to a single school site where he/she assesses students and monitors instruction, provides ongoing support to tutors, and communicates with teachers and school staff. school.
o Support training and continuing professional development.
o Provide team leadership.
o Coaching and providing practical/modeling support in schools.
o On a weekly basis during a typical week, attend a tutoring session at each school and meet with each coordinator to review program data and provide troubleshooting for tutor/student issues.
o Weekly meeting with the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and the Program Manager team.
• Manage Heart’s relationship with Head Teachers (Principal, PA, Head Teachers) in your schools.
o Build relationships with managers, gain buy-in and a sense of partnership.
o Represent the interests and needs of Heart in program planning with Directors with the support of the COO.
o Incorporate feedback from principals into program design, where opportunities exist.
o Build relationships with head teachers, gain buy-in and a sense of partnership. Support the Program Coordinator’s relationship with teachers, leveraging your content knowledge and credibility in formal and informal settings with the PC.
• Represent Heart Math Tutoring among school partnerships in your schools.
o Build relationships, attend meetings and learn about the resources provided and needed by our students.
o Leverage additional resources when practical and efficient.
• Maintain and improve existing program operations.
o Execute the program schedule with fidelity and precision.
o Support program-related projects, including family events, material procurement, pre- and post-evaluations, and other program-related items.
o Manage time effectively and balance multiple competing priorities at once.
• For training purposes, in Year 1 the Program Manager will serve as the Program Coordinator at one school site (18-20 hours per week) and manage 3 additional schools (not 6-7 schools). As a program coordinator, you will be responsible for coordinating spatial and temporal logistics with the principal and the school’s key point of contact; coordinate and complete student assessments; communicate with teachers regarding programs, students, and scheduling issues; provide initial training for tutors and ongoing support for tutors; and monitoring student progress and tutor adherence to the program, including data collection.

Recruitment of volunteers
• Actively participate in the volunteer recruitment season (May-September), in collaboration with the Director of Development and Community Engagement.
• Maintain and develop new and existing volunteer and community partnerships.
o Serve as lead account manager for a select number of partner organizations. Set and achieve goals for recruiting tutors from these partners.
o Serve as a dual account manager for a number of organizations. Provide support and backup to your teammates to achieve recruitment goals.
• Complete sensitization of your schools’ previous year tutors to retain them until the next school year.
• During recruiting season and throughout the school year, liaise and serve as a representative with specific school partnerships in your schools.

Selected program projects
• Over time, take responsibility for selected program-wide projects that impact the entire program and match your HMT skills and needs. (e.g. material supply, teacher engagement, staff training opportunities, data analysis, etc.)

General responsibilities
• Contribute to Heart’s culture of philanthropy, attracting resources (volunteers, donors) into the program to fulfill Heart’s mission.
• Be a strong team member, working closely with the COO, Program Managers and all Heart employees/volunteers to maintain, develop and improve the program.
• Demonstrate Heart Math Tutoring core values: student-centered, gratitude, accuracy and professionalism, growth mindset, civic engagement
• Be strategic in the use of your time and call upon volunteers to achieve your objectives with efficiency and quality.

Key Skills: To be successful in this role, you will need most, if not all, of the following skills.
• Strong written communication
• Strong verbal communication
• Exceptional attention to detail
• Exceptional organizational skills – ability to prioritize tasks and manage competing priorities.
• Project management
• Leadership (adults and children)
• Relationship building skills – ability to build trust quickly with direct reports and a wide variety of different stakeholders. Capacity for hundreds of relationships with students, volunteers and schools.
• Ability to critically reflect and problem solve – finds pragmatic, equitable and sustainable ways to address challenges and produce positive change.
• Proven management skills preferred, ability to differentiate management styles across diversity lines.
• Teaching, pedagogical practices
• Strong computer skills including but not limited to Word, Excel, email and contact management, CRM tools and file sharing systems
• Commitment to racial equity and social justice – You recognize the role of race, income, age, immigration status and other identities in shaping educational disparities. You recognize how your own identities appear in the work, and welcome, reflect and act on feedback for continued learning about race, ability and other lines of difference.
• Acts with passion and a sense of urgency to help every child reach their full potential
• Firmly believes that all students can learn and ultimately succeed at grade level or above
• Desire to work with elementary school students
• Enjoys managing staff and developing others
• Believes in the importance of data and attention to detail
• Believes that a solid foundation in mathematics is essential to a person’s success and opportunity
• Values ​​volunteering
• Values ​​and demonstrates collaboration and teamwork, with internal and external partners
• Is enthusiastic about strategic and field work
• Has an interest in working in a startup environment, which requires planning and strategy in addition to flexibility
Background and Experience: The following areas of experience will help a candidate succeed in this role.
• Was successful in boosting student achievement
• Succeeded in leading adults
• Succeeded in school
• Has experience with low income population
• Has had substantial training/education related to teaching and learning
• Managed successful projects involving attention to detail and precise planning
• Has successfully built relationships across lines of diversity
• Holds a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
• Has access to reliable transportation and has flexibility and adaptability in work schedule, including evenings and weekends
• (Preferred) 3+ years of experience in coaching and leadership roles and developing others.
• (Preferred) Has experience with math assessments, instructional strategies, and student data analysis

To Apply: We are an equal opportunity employer committed to creating an inclusive work environment and supporting racial equity. We offer competitive benefits and a salary commensurate with experience. To apply, please send a one-page cover letter explaining your interest and a CV to [email protected] with the subject “Charlotte Program Manager 2022”. The expected start date is early to mid-July.

Ryan H. Bowman