Quincy City Council Set to Change Recycling Program

QUINCY (WGEM) – If you recycle in Quincy, you’ll have to do it differently next year.

City Council has officially voted to change the current recycling program. It goes from a curbside pickup to a drop-off system.

“It opens up recycling to a lot more people,” said Quincy Public Works Director Jeffrey Conte.

The current curbside collection program has a fee for those in Quincy who wish to recycle.

Conte said the new drop-off system will begin March 1 and will be free for everyone to bring their recyclables to a nearby drop-off location.

With the city changing the recycling program, some residents said they were unhappy with the change.

“I feel like over the last few years we’ve been, we’ve discouraged recycling,” said Quincy resident Jamie Friye. “First by making people pay to recycle, which I agreed to do because I think it’s important, but now I was asking people, the cost of gas being what it is , to drive to three recycling sites.”

Conte said 40% of Quincy residents recycle.

He thinks that percentage will increase once they switch to the new deposit system.

“With the existence of a filler, it stopped a lot of people from recycling,” Conte said. “We believe that based on the amount of recyclables in Quincy being able to collect them for free, it will show an improvement of more recyclables.”

As of now, homeowners can still use curbside service.

City officials have said it’s possible a private company will continue to provide a curbside service, but nothing is confirmed.

Conte said they will soon send a letter attached to your water bill with further instructions on the change.

City officials said they have an idea of ​​where the collection sites will be, but nothing has been finalized yet.

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Ryan H. Bowman