Recycling program continues with fall and winter events

We are fortunate to live in a city that understands the importance of landfill diversion, so much so that we have a goal and a committed committee to see it through.

For those unfamiliar, the Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee is tasked with helping the city achieve its zero waste goal by 2040 with a 90% reduction in materials going to landfill.

This is especially evident in the fall and winter, when the service department offers a variety of opportunities to recycle materials not accepted curbside.

They’re great for your waste, but first we ask you to refuse and reduce as much as possible, leaving you with less to recycle!

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  • Leaves: Mulching leaves in the lawn is a healthy choice for your garden, and keeping leaves off streets and away from storm drains can help protect Alum Creek and other waterways. That being said, for those unable or unwilling to leave the leaves, the city is offering leaf collection through December. If you choose to participate, rake leaves from the back of the sidewalk but not the street, avoid parking in front of large piles of leaves whenever possible, and keep leaves out of storm drains and the banks of yards. ‘water. The sheets will be collected on a weekly basis as the town will deploy a team to North, Central and South Bexley. This program ends in December after three full cycles across the city, weather permitting.
  • pumpkins: Columbus School for Girls is working with Compost Clubhouse to accommodate collection bins Nov. 1-7 at the drop-off and pick-up lines at both entrances. Additionally, Earth Peak Organics – the city’s curbside food waste recycling service provider – will be picking up the pumpkins as part of the food waste collection on November 8. Please take out the food on Mondays as usual and reserve the pumpkins only for November 8th. pumpkins make delicious pies, breads, soups and more. Frozen pumpkin cubes and/or puree can be used throughout the season. If your pumpkin is not suitable for consumption, consider feeding it by removing the seeds (unless you are interested in pumpkin plants growing in your garden next year), breaking them into smaller pieces, and placing in your garden.
  • Yard signs: We are pleased to partner with SWACO again this fall to offer traffic sign recycling. This event will take place November 8-15 at the pool parking lot, 2100 Clifton Ave. Disassemble the panels and place each component in the properly labeled receptacle (corrugated plastic, stretch plastic, paper, and metal stakes).
  • Lights: Again, we will be serving as a collection point for the Westerville String Lights Recycling Event. Please leave the ropes loose in the designated place from Nov. 25 to Dec. 25. 5 at the swimming pool car park.
  • polystyrene: We are thrilled to partner with the Town of Hilliard r for a polystyrene recycling event from December 27th to January 27th. 9 at the swimming pool car park. Only two types of materials are collected at this event: Styrofoam (e.g. packing materials, foam coolers; please remove tape, paper and other contaminants) and bagged foam peanuts . Construction foam (eg insulation), expanded polyethylene, foam food containers and foam sheets are not acceptable. Styrofoam should be clean with no stickers or tape.

For more information on these programs, visit or contact me at (614) 559-4250 or [email protected].

Elizabeth Ellman is the Town of Bexley’s Sustainability Programs Co-ordinator. Learn more about the city’s sustainability programs at and how you can take action at and @greenbexley on Facebook and Instagram.

Ryan H. Bowman