Research program looking for local contributions

A western Canadian university studying the concept of a northern corridor is seeking local input.

The University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy is seeking input from Timmins-area residents on Canada’s Northern Corridor Research Agenda. The virtual event will be held on March 16 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The Corridor concept involves a network of trade and transport routes linking communities and development projects and a new approach to large-scale infrastructure planning and development.

“Corridors are becoming a critical area of ​​discussion for Northerners, government, agencies and industry, as previous attempts to implement cross-border infrastructure projects have encountered many obstacles. . The goal is not to build a corridor, but to understand the barriers, constraints, stakeholder and Indigenous involvement, and actions required to achieve a northern corridor,” reads the press release.

“This type of information did not exist for previous Northern Corridor proposals. The research produced as a result of the program is a resource for decision-makers at all levels, and we hope they will build on what we find out in their decisions about infrastructure development.”

The meeting is open to all residents.

The announcement says the goal is to hear as many perspectives as possible to get a “balanced picture of how the development of the corridor could create opportunities and challenges for Indigenous and non-Indigenous residents of Timmins.” .

More session information and registration details are available here.

Ryan H. Bowman