Riverwood launches alumni program

The next challenge was to find the nominees.

“We didn’t know if they would return our phone calls let alone if they would be available,” Hodges said. “But they all did, and all of them emphatically said yes.”

But Alterman, a resident of Vinings, said he had a moment of panic when he received a call from his high school principal.

“Somehow I always thought I was in trouble,” he said. “But it was a sweet message. And I was really touched and surprised and honored. They’ve had a lot of students over the years.

At the March 4 induction ceremony, Alterman played the piano and spoke to the assembled students and dignitaries about what the school meant to him.

“I transferred to Riverwood for my last two years and they accepted my studies,” he said. “They put together a jazz band because I asked them to. They found opportunities for me. And I was happy that they were now doing something to honor those in the arts.

Bedingfield also attended in person, met students and visited classrooms. Other winners zoomed in. Copies of the plaques they received now hang in a new display case at the entrance to the school – a display case that Hodges expects to fill in years to come due to the overwhelmingly positive response to the concept, in particular of students.

“They have a newfound pride in their school and have been inspired by the words of wisdom and advice that have been shared,” she said. “We wanted the students to see themselves a little bit in these people who have reached the pinnacle of success, and now they told us that it was so cool for them to go to a school with these type of alumni.”

Information about Riverwood High is online at fultonschools.org/riverwoodhs.

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Ryan H. Bowman