Roku TV Ready Program to Continue Partner Adoption and Expansion

Roku Inc. announced further growth and international expansion of the Roku TV Ready Certification Program.

New Roku TV Ready Partners added in 2021 were Element, JVC, Pheanoo and Philips, which Polk Audio and Westinghouse joined in early 2022. These companies joined an existing list of Roku TV Ready Partners including Bose, Hisense, TCL North America and Sound United, parent company of Denon, Definitive Technology and Polk Audio. Additionally, the program has been expanded internationally with partners launched in the UK, Canada and Mexico.

Designed to simplify and unify modern home theater, the program makes it easier for AV and consumer electronics companies to upgrade their audio products to support seamless setup, unique remote operations, and easy access to settings. home theater – on screen – when connected to a Roku TV.

For partners, the Roku TV Ready program includes a software development kit and test hardware to speed up onboarding. Additionally, Roku also offers a wireless soundbar reference design for companies looking to deliver high-performance home theater without running wires to the TV.

“We were thrilled to see the rapid adoption of Roku TV Ready among major brands, both in the United States and internationally,” said Mark Ely, vice president of product strategy at Roku Inc. Whether you’re a soundbar manufacturer interested in providing your customers with a seamless home theater experience or want to integrate Roku’s wireless audio technology, Roku makes it easy for manufacturers to use Roku technology to deliver great products that are easy to use that customers love.

“Roku TV Ready makes it easier than ever to set up and use a Bose TV speaker for an enhanced audio experience,” said Doug Cunningham, vice president of product and experience at Bose. “We’re excited to bring this option to more Roku TV owners around the world.”

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Ryan H. Bowman