S2Q Systems Launches New Program to Accelerate Load Auctions

S2Q Systems has launched a new platform called Speed ​​to Bid. Company officials say this will help speed up the bidding process on shipments.

BEACHWOOD, Ohio – S2Q systems launched a new platform called Speed ​​to Bid, designed to help transportation and logistics companies improve their ability to bid on shipments nationwide in less than seconds.

S2Q officials say their new program can do this by consolidating third-party spot freight auction platforms into one.

“Speed ​​to Bid enables thoughtful automation to speed up the process of ad hoc freight bidding, but without the need for expensive robots and other cumbersome autonomous type systems,” said Ben Derin, Founder of S2Q. Systems. “With Speed ​​to Bid, freight brokers and carriers who don’t have unlimited technology budgets can now bid easily.”

Speed ​​to Bid is currently only available to existing S2Q Systems customers, but will be available market-wide on December 1.

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