Saras-3D program to boost STEM education in India

Saras-3D, Inc, the pioneer in learning solutions based on interstereoscopic 3D technology, announces the launch of its referral program for schools across India.

The aim of the sponsorship program is to give a major boost to a learning experience based on high-quality stereoscopic 3D technology, which uses the power of interactive visualization, to develop a deeper understanding of scientific and mathematical concepts and promote 2x faster learning and retention. . Through this school sponsorship initiative, SARAS-3D will bring together partners willing to support deserving schools and students and equip them with the skills to enable them to compete globally.

Sharing the continuation of the development, Saras-3D announced CHARUSAT as the first sponsor of this program.

Under this agreement, CHARUSAT will exclusively sponsor a total of 12 schools across Gujarat.

Each of the selected schools will receive a stereoscopic 3D classroom experience, a stereoscopic 3D laboratory experience and specialized teacher training worth a total of INR 50 lacs. The sophisticated software consists of 4-year annual subscriptions for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics grades 9-12 for both modules.

Ryan H. Bowman