ScionHealth Launches Remote Patient Monitoring Program for Car5e Chronic Patients

The Louisville-based health system is working with Cadence to establish the platform in 18 community hospitals in 12 states, with plans to expand the service to all of its 79 hospitals in 25 states.

ScionHealth is launching a remote patient monitoring program to provide chronic care management services to outpatients at 18 community hospitals in 12 states.

The Louisville-based health system, created in 2021 by Kindred Healthcare and LifePoint Health, is partnering with Cadence on the RPM platform and plans to eventually expand the program to its 61 specialty hospitals and acute care populations in long term in 25 states. The program will support patients with heart failure, diabetes, hypertension and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

“We are committed to advancing innovative healthcare solutions to serve patients where and when they need care,” Rob Jay, CEO of Health System, said in a press release. “Our partnership with Cadence will allow us to seamlessly extend care from our community hospitals and acute long-term care hospitals to patients at home, expanding access and improving the quality of care for patients with medical conditions. chronicles.

RPM programs are gaining momentum across the country as a way to improve care management for patients at home, between (and sometimes replacing) visits to the doctor’s office or clinic. Many programs use digital health tools to collect data from patients on a weekly or even daily basis, allowing patients and their care teams to communicate and adjust care plans when needed.

“Our partnership with Cadence provides consistent and proactive monitoring outside of the clinic, enabling early interventions if and when needed to improve a patient’s overall health and well-being,” added Dean French, MD, chief medical officer of the health system, in the press release. “We believe that remote patient monitoring and responsive virtual care will become the standard of care for chronic disease treatment and we are excited to be the first to bring these capabilities to our communities.”

Eric Wicklund is the innovation and technology editor for HealthLeaders.

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