Senior Center launches new dementia program

I hope you are having a good day and enjoying the nice weather. I am thrilled to share that we will be participating in a program called Miles for Memories. This program helps the person in the early stages of dementia to continue to be active. I went to the trainers meeting on Wednesday to learn how the bands/bracelets work and how they will help our community. The bracelet is specially designed to be comfortable and waterproof. It allows emergency and medical information to be stored and accessed by emergency personnel when your loved one is found. The information provided by the bracelet can be viewed and adjusted by family members or caregivers, via a phone application or online. Even better, you decide how much information to provide. There are a few other devices available to keep our wandering seniors safe. If you want more information call me or stop by. I will work with the community on how this program will be a great way to keep people safe.

One thing I wanted to mention is that we still have funds available for our healthy seniors program for this fiscal year. The program helps pay for exercise classes in our county; pool passes to the Paine Aquatic Center, yoga, pickleball, and health and fitness center memberships. Give us a call or stop by if there’s something you’d like to participate in.

This week we have Cards & Coffee on Tuesdays. If you like to create or want to learn how to create beautiful greeting cards, give us a call and sign up for this fun time. We also have our Tech Class with Chrissy Streeter. She is incredible! This class is Texting & Messaging 101. It can help you understand and teach you many new and creative ways to use your smartphone and computer. On Wednesday, there is the BP clinic at 10 a.m. then Fun Bingo at 11 a.m. Thursday we have a bus heading to Wellston for the Wellston Jammers. It’s such a fun day for everyone. Come and enjoy lunch, good company and good music! Be sure to register by noon on Wednesday so we have an accurate lunch count. On Friday we have a presentation by Huntington Bank on Money Smart for Older Adults. They will provide information and advice to prevent common frauds, scams and other types of financial abuse. Call Thursday before noon and book your lunch, and come early, then stay for the presentation. Hope you find something useful or fun to do this week.

We still have Project FRESH coupons available. If you didn’t get one this year, stop by to pick up $25 worth of coupons that can be used at the Farmers Market or Lutz Farms or Grossnickle Farms. Coupons can be used to purchase Michigan-grown fresh fruits and vegetables at any farmer’s market in the state that bears the Project FRESH sign and participates in the program.

The Michigan Legacy Art Park in Thompsonville is working on a community art project this summer and plans to hold a craft activity at the Wagoner Community Center at 12:30 p.m. on August 29. The project is Pine Cone Forest and involves tying pine cones together with string, so if you can tie a knot and want to be part of a fun community project, give us a call and sign up!

I hope you are having a wonderful week and don’t forget to try something new!

Ryan H. Bowman