Shippeo Unveils Carrier Recognition Program Alongside Improved Automated Onboarding Experience

PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Shippeo, a leading provider of global and multimodal shipping visibility, has launched a new program recognizing and rewarding carriers who champion supply chain visibility. The launch comes with a series of enhancements to its automated carrier onboarding solution, which now offers the easiest and fastest visibility platform integration for carriers on the market.

“More than 150,000 carriers are already connected to Shippeo’s Multimodal Visibility Network, providing high-quality, real-time shipping data to shippers and logistics service providers around the world,” says Carrier Network Manager, Alexandru Mihailenco. “Real-time supply chain transportation visibility has been increasingly sought after by businesses since the start of 2020. The carrier community plays a critical role in shaping the future of transportation visibility and in determining the accuracy and reliability of shipment visibility data for shippers. , logistics service providers and their end customers.

Shippeo’s Carrier Network team is on a mission to help every carrier they work with realize all the benefits that Shippeo’s visibility platform brings, from improved productivity to market differentiation. “We have implemented our Carrier Recognition Program™ to recognize and reward carriers who are committed and committed to providing shippers with exceptional levels of supply chain visibility, through the Real-Time Visibility Platform and Shippeo’s multimodal transportation solution,” explains Mihailenco.

The program includes the publication of the Visibility Champion List™, which recognizes outstanding carriers providing the best service to shippers with consistently high levels of shipment tracking, giving carriers another way to stand out from their peers. This is the first of many initiatives planned to recognize carrier partners, including a special carrier-focused awards ceremony later this year.

Shippeo also released a new version of its Onboarding Automation Center, the company’s market-leading solution for simplifying and accelerating the integration of carriers into its visibility network. The improved application now gives carriers the option of complete autonomy when setting up and configuring their connection to the platform.

“Our customers and their carrier partners tell us that our onboarding experience is second to none, having achieved a 98% satisfaction rate,” said Lucien Besse, Director of Operations at Shippeo. “These latest enhancements to our Onboarding Automation Center represent another leap forward, making integrations with the Shippeo platform even easier for carriers to follow. In return, we are able to help our customers accelerate the time to value of their visibility project, achieving higher tracking rates for earlier shipments, and in return shipment statuses and ETA data. more accurate and reliable that Shippeo is known for.

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Shippeo is a global leader in real-time multimodal transportation visibility, helping major shippers and logistics service providers operate more collaborative, automated, sustainable, cost-effective and customer-centric supply chains. This is made possible through extremely accurate real-time operational visibility and perfect workflow orchestration. Their multi-modal visibility network integrates with over 875 TMS, telematics, and ELD systems, enabling Shippeo’s platform to provide instant access to real-time shipment tracking across all transportation modes in a single portal through to an intuitive user experience. A proprietary, industry-leading machine learning algorithm delivers unparalleled ETA accuracy, enabling supply chain companies to anticipate issues early, proactively alert customers, effectively manage exceptions with collaborative workflows and accurately measure CO2 and GHG emissions from supply chain transportation. Hundreds of customers, including global brands such as Coca-Cola HBC, Carrefour, Renault Group, Schneider Electric, Total, Faurecia, Saint-Gobain and Eckes Granini, trust Shippeo to track over 28 million shipments per year in 75 countries. Learn more at

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