Sionic launches the first Pay-by-Bank reseller program in the United States

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sionic, a leading provider of consumer-to-business omni-commerce payment solutions, today announced the launch, on September 1, of a unique reseller program for ISOs, agents, publishers of independent software and other resellers looking to step up their game and provide merchant customers with a new Pay-by-Bank service in the US Resellers can pre-register here.

Merchant customers of resellers benefit from customers’ Pay-by-Bank instant digital cash deposits at the point of sale and enjoy an average savings of 2% on card swipe fees. Pay-by-Bank is a real-time interbank payment service that uses the RTP network provided by The Clearing House.

“We are excited to offer resellers an all-new tool to help acquire and retain merchants,” said Charles Jackson, Account Specialist for Sionic. “Giving merchant customers access to instant cash deposits at checkouts and bypassing costly card swipe fees is truly anti-inflation.”

Merchants can utilize their existing POS systems by simply selecting cash as the payment method when making payments. Sionic provides resellers with a free CODE Pay merchant app that allows merchants to accept direct digital cash deposits into their business checking accounts while enabling QR code-based prepaid orders for on-the-go or in-store consumption.

Ronald Herman, CEO of Sionic, added, “We have designed our reseller program to outperform best-in-class programs in the card payment processing industry. Not only is our revenue share plan aggressive, but we use our own real-time payment platform to give resellers instant access to their commissions.

About Sionic

Atlanta-based Sionic is leading the great digital payments reallocation by offering instant bank-to-bank transfers from consumers to merchants. A Google Cloud service, Sionic’s first-to-market ULink™, brings real-time direct deposits to the point of sale through mobile, online, in-store or in-vehicle experiences. The company has partnered with leading financial institution owners of the RTP network for banking payments and CyberSource, a Visa solution, for secure processing of card payments. Merchants who accept real-time payments avoid costly card swipe fees and immediately receive cash deposits at the point of sale. Consumers can receive benefits for paying with their bank accounts. To learn more, visit or follow us on Twitter at @Sionic_io

Ryan H. Bowman