Stratasys Launches FDM Certification Program

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Stratasys Launches FDM Certification Program

Source: Stratasys

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3D printing company Stratasys has announced a new certification program for FDM 3D printer operators and engineers, the first in a series of certification programs for users of Stratasys 3D printers.

Stratasys has launched the first in a series of comprehensive certification programs to enable customers to increase 3D printer usage and accelerate ROI from their additive manufacturing investments.

(Source: Stratasys)

A new FDM certification program launched by Stratasys is designed to provide customers with comprehensive training that supports their adoption of 3D printing throughout the FDM printing process. Customers who complete the courses will receive official certificates from the Stratasys Academy certifying their skills and level of proficiency in industry-leading 3D printing technology.

“The Stratasys FDM Certification program provides our additive manufacturing engineers with educational content that allows them to expand what is possible with additive manufacturing within GM,” said Kyle Sinko, AM Manager for General Motors. . “By becoming certified in FDM technology, we have gained a competitive advantage that will provide us with significant return on investment in the years to come and know-how within our organization.”

The company plans to continue introducing certification programs in its 3D printing technologies, including Polyjet, P3, SAF and stereolithography. Certification programs are designed to allow customers to gain expertise in the 3D printing process, from software-based design to print operations and post-processing of parts.

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