Students from the Children of Migrant Farmworker Program graduate from St. Edward’s University

Graduation festivities take place at St. Edward’s University. For two dozen College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) students, this is a very special milestone.

CAMP is for students whose parents are migrant and seasonal agricultural workers. Many are the first in their families to go to university. They receive academic and financial support to help them navigate university life.

“My parents are both farm workers, and they didn’t have the opportunity to go to school, so for me, I’m going to take every opportunity,” said Rachelle Cardoza, a kinesiology student. .

“We come from similar roots, it’s understanding the perspective of what they’re going through too, that’s pretty awesome,” said Romualdo Lozano, digital media entrepreneurship and management specialist.

“Most of my life, my mom and dad were always saying, ‘we want you to have a better life, to go to college, to get the education that we didn’t get'” said Denise Mares, a criminal justice student.

Although each student has a different interest, they have a common theme, to give back.

For Cardoza, she wants to improve the health and well-being of people back home in the Rio Grande Valley.

“I see a lot of discrepancies and a lot of things that need to be improved, especially in underserved communities, especially agricultural workers, I really want to give back to my community,” she said.

For Lozano, he starts his own software company while working at a renovation construction company.

“I want to create something for myself and my family,” he said.

Mares hopes to work in law enforcement.

“It’s really huge for me to help others, who can’t help themselves. I find it inspiring,” she said.

Regarding advice for future CAMP students, Lozano said, “Use all [resources] It’s available.”

“So many doors have opened in St. Edwards,” Cardoza said.

CAMP was started in 1972. For more information, click here.

Ryan H. Bowman