Subway celebrates its 26th anniversary with an e-learning program

Internet connectivity is an issue that has plagued the education system for the past couple of years. A pressing problem in remote parts of the country and even parts of Metro Manila is the problem of intermittent or non-existent internet connectivity.

Every student deserves the opportunity to access learning resources despite accessibility issues. It is equally important that the education system of the country is also improved so that students are prepared to face a highly competitive workforce.

Subway is a company passionate about education. Subway is the world’s largest submarine sandwich chain with over 34,000 locations worldwide. Subway understands that it takes more than good food to feed people and build vibrant communities. It starts with caring for people, the heart and soul of the Subway experience.

One way to take care of people is to give the future generation the opportunity to receive the best education available. To celebrate its 26e anniversary, Subway will partner with Critical Links and e-Dris to launch the School-in-the-Box initiative.

The partners

Critical Links is a pioneer in providing innovative online learning infrastructure for the next generation of schools, especially in challenging environments. E-Dris, on the other hand, is a company that offers online and offline training through Micro-Cloud architecture, blended learning or instant access or content.

“The past two years have shown us how important internet connectivity is for our children. Those with better internet connectivity do much better in school due to greater access to online educational resources,” said Mr. Joshua Wahiman, Chief Marketing Officer of Subway.

“Our partnership with Critical Links and e-Dris will benefit more children so they have a better opportunity to achieve excellence in education,” he added.

Through the School-in-a-Box initiative, schools without internet access will have the opportunity to leverage technology and enable students to benefit from a 21st century education. The program will be piloted at a school in Metro Manila that has infrastructure limitations such as power outages and fluctuations and is often cut off from internet and cloud-based resources due to the lack of regular or robust connectivity.

“This will be our way of supporting the Ministry of Education in achieving its goal of bridging the digital divide,” Mr Joshua Wahiman said.

Cloud-based environment

The program will use the C3 Micro-Cloud, a self-contained, cloud-enabled environment that enables the delivery of content, resources, and management to local students and teachers, even if they don’t have internet access. The server can support up to 50 devices at a time and is ideal for a library, lab or installation room.

“Content in the form of texts and other resources can be organized centrally in the C3 Cloud Control portal by program managers and distributed to any authorized C3 Micro-Cloud, regardless of location, each time a network link becomes available”, Atty. Rainier Butalid (CEO of e-DRIS Inc.) and Syed Darwish Bederi III of Critical links explained.

With the C3 Micro-Cloud, any school can use podcasts, e-books, quizzes and learning games, allowing students to research and gather information on their own under the guidance of their teachers. instead of passively receiving only the hard copy of the information available in books.

“This School-in-the-Box initiative will be a game-changer in the provinces because even if there is limited or sporadic bandwidth, lack of connectivity, rigid security and usage restrictions, schools can use the C3 Micro-Cloud to bring 21st century learning and discovery to their students,” said Mr. Joshua Wahiman of Subway. “Together with our partners, we will open up a world of learning and opportunity for students in schools around the world,” he added.

Ryan H. Bowman