Tabuk helps support the Cordillera Region Rice Self-Sufficiency Program

The Tabuk rice fields provide enough rice for the Cordillera region. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

TABUK CITY, Kalinga: The city and some rice and maize producing areas of the province support the rice self-sufficiency of the Cordillera region, which has made the region one of the rice self-sufficient regions in the country .

Dr. Cameron Odsey, Regional Executive Director of the Cordillera Office of the Department of Agriculture (DA-CAR), revealed that the available area of ​​the city devoted to rice production supplemented by rice and maize produced by the Neighboring areas of the province such as Car Pinukpuk and Rizal city are already sufficient to meet the region’s rice needs amid shortage of rice production in other parts of the country.

He admitted that in general, the country is not yet self-sufficient in rice and the government is importing to address the lack of rice supply.

Furthermore, the DA-CAR official asserted that under the agency’s programs, projects and activities, Tabuk and parts of Kalinga are classified as its main agricultural areas, hence the town and the various cities in the province continue to grow in importance. share of fund allocations within the agency’s limited annual budget.

Odsey commended the people of Tabuk and Kalinga for their passion to be actively involved in agriculture, as they are among those who provide the staple grains on the table of every Filipino family, in addition to being members of various types of cooperatives to achieve growth and development.

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He pointed out that Tabuk would surely maintain its identity as a major agricultural hub in the region due to the continuous developments that agriculture is witnessing with the appropriate interventions put in place by the government through the Department of Agriculture.

Odsey praised Mayor Darwin Estran͂ero’s administration for prioritizing the sustainable implementation of short, medium and long-term programs, projects and activities that all aim to further improve the state of agriculture in the city. , because agriculture must thrive in the face of today’s challenges. caused by natural and man-made disasters that continue to seriously threaten global food security.

Tabuk city and parts of the province remain the breadbasket of the region as most of its area of ​​over 700.25 square kilometers is used for rice production by tens of thousands of industry players farmers who depend on the staple food as their main source of income. for their families.

Ryan H. Bowman