TerraCycle, the Taco Bell program aims to turn old sauce packets into new recycled products

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — It might seem odd when you think about it, but those old grab-and-go sauce packets can be put to good use.

TerraCycle is partnering with Taco Bell and the Mercer County community to divert used hot sauce packets from landfills.

TerraCycle says old plastic will be melted down and turned into something new, like a park bench.

“This recycling initiative allows local Taco Bell locations and community spaces to promote sustainable initiatives in their own towns while encouraging residents to take an active role in helping preserve the environment,” said Tom Szaky, Founder and CEO of TerraCycle. “Our goal is to provide an opportunity for entire New Jersey communities to collect trash and be part of the solution to keeping these packages out of landfills and the environment.”

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And the packages don’t just have to come from Taco Bell.

The program kicks off on Earth Day, April 22.

Consumers are encouraged to bring all brands and types of empty and used sauce packets to participating drop-off sites for recycling. Click here for a full list of participating locations.

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