The developers of the Dyson Sphere program detail the combat system, the main antagonist

Having initially announced that Dyson Sphere program would get a combat system on the road, developer Youthcat Studio has finally revealed more details about the upcoming fight.

In a Steam blog post titled “Combat System Preview #1 Intro & Background”, the studio discusses the enemies that will be fought, along with details on how Dyson Sphere programThe combat will actually work.

In the blog post, the studio provided some backstory for the enemies that will be fought in Dyson Sphere program. Called Dark Fog, the antagonists of Dyson Sphere program are essentially rogue AI modules that have betrayed humanity’s core AI system. In fact, one of the main goals of the Dyson Sphere program in the universe is to defeat black fog.

When it comes to dealing with Dark Fog, players will face off against their foes, competing in both industry and energy gathering. Not wanting to change the core “gather-transport-build” gameplay, the studio wanted to incorporate the core gameplay loop that the Dyson Sphere program is popular for.

Players and Dark Fog will both compete for limited space and resources. Confrontation is inevitable, and as a result, players will need to find the central core of the Dark Fog and destroy his Tinder, rendering the entire headquarters inactive.

Dyson Sphere program is available on Steam as an early access version.

Ryan H. Bowman