The new PNY privileges program aims to boost reseller sales and reward the loyalty of its indirect customers! – PCR

PNY Technologies has launched its “Privilege Program”. Indirect customers will be offered new marketing services and a wider selection of PNY products in exchange for points earned on their purchases. The platform is intended to be a central point for all the marketing activities that PNY proposes and carries out with its customers.

This portal allows direct partners to Boost their marketing strategy, to obtain dedicated monitoring from PNY in the implementation of projects, to formalize their marketing projects to improve their visibility. All indirect customers, eligible for the program, can earn points for their purchases.

The previous version of the Privilege Program applied to NVIDIA professional graphics cards. PNY will expand the program to include NVIDIA professional products (NVIDIA RTX cards, Datacenter GPUs, vGPU software and NVIDIA Networking Solutions products). The diversification of products covered by the program allows resellers to increase their reward potential with a broader product line and encourage channel interest in the professional product line.

This loyalty program is available in France, England, Germany, Spain, Italy and Benelux.

Each month, members receive a summary of their accumulated points to “spend” in one of the shops available on the site.

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Ryan H. Bowman