The program promotes food sovereignty, individual pride

People can collect their own foliage to dry it and make a cyanotype harvesting apron

Young people have a great opportunity to be creative.

The Youth Department of Mushkegowuk Council is hosting a Cyanotype Harvest Apron Printing Workshop on August 30 via Zoom. The deadline for registration is August 11.

Cyanotype is a type of printing that uses exposure to sunlight to create an image on fabric. The organizers will provide a cyanotype kit including an apron and dye. Young Mushkegowuk under the age of 30 can participate in this virtual event.

The program is conducted in the spirit of the harvest season. Gardening groups and wild gatherers can participate. Participants should collect their own foliage to dry to use for the workshop.

“Through this program, I’m basically promoting food sovereignty and individual pride and what they can actually produce themselves and actually consume themselves,” said Erika Johnson, the art therapist.

Although the program aims to raise overall awareness of food harvesting and preservation, the workshop also explores the artistic side.

People can pick up foliage from anywhere to use in the workshop.

“Everyone has an element of harvesting,” she said.

Although Johnson prefers to teach these types of workshops in person, she says attendance is better in virtual workshops. Fifty kits are available for the program. Johnson expects them all to be booked before the deadline.

Choose Life funds the program.

For more information, contact Erika Johnson at [email protected]

Ryan H. Bowman