The Schneider Electric partnership program “evolves” from volume to value

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Marc Haranas

“We made an intentional shift from a focus on volume-based revenue to value-based skills,” says Eileen Bishop of Schneider Electric at XChange 2022.

Schneider Electric on Monday unveiled its revamped mySchneider IT Partner Program that aims to accelerate growth and opportunity for partner power services.

“We made an intentional shift from a focus on volume-based revenue to value-based skills,” said Eileen Bishop, director of channel marketing and strategic execution for Schneider Electric, during the company’s keynote presentation at XChange 2022 today in Denver.

“We’ve also restructured the program to align with business models to better support you as a partner community, based on how you restructure your businesses,” she said.

The enhanced mySchneider IT Partner Program will help partners who want to sell their own service contracts and perform their own maintenance work. The program will also allow partners who want to be their own “service desk” to monitor their customers’ sites themselves, Schneider said.

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More “MSP-centric”

Faisal Ahmed, CEO of Durham, NC-based Benchmark Network Solutions, said Schneider Electric is working to help partners move away from traditional hardware sales and annual contracts to become more customer-focused. computer power infrastructure services.

“Everything now focuses on this: how much is your monthly recurring income? So everyone is going that way. For Schneider, a more hardware-centric company, it’s also about moving to heavy stuff, which is good for us,” Ahmed said.

“Because at the end of the day, it’s not just the material, but also how we handle it and the end result,” Ahmed said. “Schneider has some great offerings because they’re trying to make it more MSP-centric. So instead of doing everything themselves, they say, “Hey, you can do it too.” This helps our service sales.

New Solution Provider Specializations

The program focuses on unique specializations that will roll out over the next 12 months, including specializations for software and service providers as well as data center solution providers.

A new specialization now available to Partners is IT Solution Provider.

The solution provider specialization will include a new data-driven program dashboard to meet value-based and data-centric customer requirements.

In addition, the new specialization aims to increase profitability. The revamped mySchneider IT Partner Program gives partners access to deal registration discounts that exceed the normal discounts provided through the company’s Edge Opportunity Registration program.

Another key feature of the new specialization is better enterprise-specific tools, where partners have access to new tools such as the Local Edge Configurator, which has configured tens of thousands of solutions in the distributed computing space.

Benchmark CEO Ahmed said Schneider is looking to better help partners drive service sales from an end-to-end perspective.

“From our customers’ perspective, this is the end-to-end solution. To them, they see us as the IT guys,” Ahmed said. “As more and more IT is outsourced to the MSP world, this will become more important. … It is much easier for us as a partner to work with suppliers like Schneider who offer a more integrated solution.

XChange 2022 runs from August 21 to August 23.

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