TikTok has announced a new program called “Pulse”, here’s what you need to know!

‘Pulse’ is a new TikTok program which will focus on brand The advertisement. Users and creators may be affected, but how? TikTok describes Pulse as “a new way for us to earn money from the most popular content you see on your For You page.” – TIC Tac.

Ads on TikTok are currently limited. When you initially open the For youyou might see a video adand scrolling down you might notice some sponsored articles, but they are not too intrusive.

TikTok Pulse may cause an increase in the number of ads you see as you scroll through content. Brands participating in the campaign will appear “next to” the most popular posts in the top 4%.

How TikTok Pulse works

In the For You Feed, TikTok Pulse “allows advertisers to place their brand alongside the most relevant content.” Only the top 4% of all posts are seen on TikTok, and they’re split into 12 categories.

Beauty, fashion, food, and games are among the most popular subgenres of TikTok content. “This provides a rare opportunity for brands to connect with the people who matter most to them.”

Who can join TikTok Pulse?

Only those with at least 100,000 subscribers will be eligible for the revenue sharing scheme.

If you’re an advertiser on TikTok Pulse, this is great news for you. “We will begin exploring our first ad revenue sharing program with creators, public figures and media publishers,” TikTok revealed recently. In order to satisfy TikTok creators, the company says it is exploring revenue methods in areas where they already have a presence.

Ryan H. Bowman