Tuskegee University Celebrates Public Health Program Accreditation

Tuskegee University’s Master of Public Health program is now nationally accredited, school officials say will help them continue to train the next generation of health workers and educators Alabama public.

Accreditation helps students and faculty in the Department of Graduate Studies in Public Health compete for federal funding and grants. The accrediting body, the Council on Education for Public Health, evaluates health programs at colleges and universities in the United States.

Each facility must meet the board’s criteria to determine whether their program standards are adequately equipped to improve public health work efforts.

“This opens up the opportunity for those in Tuskegee to compete for federal dollars to enhance the work we are already doing in our communities,” said Crystal James, the university’s acting vice president of external affairs and general counsel. .

Tuskegee is home to the only college of veterinary medicine at a historically black college or university in the nation; the college now houses both the veterinary program and the public health department. The University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health is the only other CEPH-accredited program in Alabama.

James believes Tuskegee’s rich history highlights the best for students able to participate in this type of public health education. The program bases its students on the importance of public health ethics and informed consent, as it is also the site where an infamous syphilis study was performed on black Americans just 50 years ago. year.

“The other special significance of our public health programs is this: First, we are embedded in the only HBCU Veterinary University in the country. This is responsible for over 70% of black vets currently working in the United States. We have access to historical records that actually record the health and achievements of black people since the late 1800s,” James said.

“Having access to this historical information as we look at what is currently happening in our rural spaces, we are able to really correlate this historical significance to what is happening now and partner with our outreach program to craft better messages. health for people who are still working. and live in these spaces.

Headteachers hope the accreditation will help the school recruit more students and increase enrollment. The newly accredited program will also provide students with new job opportunities not previously available.

Currently, eight students are enrolled in the Public Health program for the fall 2022 semester, and classes are always filled to ensure that each student is properly funded.

“There are key programs within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as within the Department of Health and Human Services that require you to have a degree from an accredited program in order to be eligible to work,” James said.

James pointed out that this development is just one of many steps the university is taking to reflect its overall mission statement.

“Students are vital connections in enabling our community to grow healthily and make positive contributions not only to rural areas but to America as a whole,” she said.

Ryan H. Bowman