UCLA and Howard launch summer program for students of race, ethnicity and politics

Dr. Mark Sawyer, late UCLA professor and pioneer in the field of race, ethnicity, and politicsThe new Mark Q. Sawyer Summer Institute will bring four Howard University undergraduate scholars to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) campus in June for an immersive six-week scholarly research program. Emphasis will be placed on the role of race, ethnicity and politics in society.

The summer institute is named after the late UCLA professor Dr. Mark Sawyer, a leading scholar in the field of race, ethnicity and politics. Sawyer co-founded the Race, Ethnicity, and Politics Program in UCLA’s Department of Political Science in 2006. He was also instrumental in founding the Department of African American Studies in 2015 at UCLA. UCLA.

The multi-year program is a collaboration between Howard faculty and UCLA political science departments. The institute is funded by the University of California through the UC-HBCU initiative, which aims to increase the number of undergraduate scholars from historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) who enroll in and complete graduate programs on campuses at the University of California (UC). .

“Our goal is to create an inclusive and supportive environment for students to develop their skills in research methods and design and to encourage participants to see themselves as confident and qualified candidates for a graduate program in political science,” said Dr. Lorrie Frasure, associate professor of political science and African American studies at UCLA.

Frasure will lead the summer institute with Dr. Natalie Masuoka, associate professor of political science and chair of the Asian American Studies department at UCLA. Their Howard counterpart is Dr. Niambi Carter, associate professor of political science and director of graduate studies.

“This partnership helps our two campuses achieve our shared goals of producing brilliant scholars who will bring everything they are to the classroom and to their approaches to studying some of the biggest issues in political science,” Carter said. “We look forward to building lasting and deep connections and seeking other places to connect our campuses.”

As part of the UC-HBCU initiative, the University of California will waive application fees for alumni of initiative programs, including the Sawyer Summer Institute, who apply to all graduate university programs on the 10 campuses of the UC system.

The first undergraduate scholarship recipients this summer are Justina Blanco, Havillyn Felder, Donroy Ferdinand and Yasmine Grier.

Ryan H. Bowman