UH Football’s Big 12 preview shows program still has a long way to go

With the loss to Kansas on Saturday, UH football has now lost six straight games to Big 12 opponents. Sean Thomas / The Cougar

Less than a year after joining the Big 12, UH football has learned the hard way that the program still has a long way to go if it is to compete in a Power Five conference.

Coined as UH’s Big 12 preview by head coach Dana Holgorsen, the Cougars’ two-game stretch against Texas Tech and Kansas made one thing clear: UH is far from realistically competing for a conference championship in the Big 12.

“That’s what the future will be like and we have a lot, a lot of work to do as a program to be able to manage that every week,” Holgorsen said.

While UH showed spurts of greatness against the Red Raiders and Jayhawks, the consistency of playing 60 minutes of sound football eluded the Cougars.

As a result, UH went 0-2 in its Big 12 streak, losing 33-30 in double overtime to Texas Tech and 48-30 to Kansas. And the Red Raiders and Jayhawks are teams that have finished bottom of the Big 12 every year for more than a decade.

“Have we proven where we hang in there and can compete with these guys? Yeah,” Holgorsen said. “Can we do it every week? Nope.”

There’s a reason UH has gone 0-6 against Big 12 opponents since 2016.

Does the execution on the pitch need to be better?


Does team discipline need to change drastically?


Does the program need better resources in terms of facilities and equipment?


While all of these things need to improve if UH is to compete for championships in the Big 12, a big part of competing in a Power Five conference starts with recruiting different types of players that the program has typically sought out during its time. jumping around the group of five. conferences.

Holgorsen pointed out that, like all teams, the Cougars need bigger, faster and stronger players to make a splash in one of college football’s power conferences.

“We need better players,” said Holgorsen. “And we are heading there. We have guys in this program who in two, three, four years will be very different from what they are now.

Holgorsen, who went through a similar transition as head coach at West Virginia in 2012 when the Mountaineers left the Big East to join the Big 12, knows those changes don’t happen overnight.

While UH will be a member of the Big 12 in 2023, the program is years away from establishing itself as one of the top dogs in the conference.

“Everyone is excited about the transition. Everyone is excited about the future,” Holgorsen said. ” I’ve already done that. You don’t need an off-season to prepare Big 12, Power Five.

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Ryan H. Bowman