Veracode Technology Alliance Program Overview

At Veracode, we have long promoted and nurtured strong partnerships. Through our network of strategic partners, technical alliances and integration partners, we believe that by working together we can bring even more value to our customers.ツ?

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That’s why we’re excited to introduce our Technology Alliance Program (TAP). Through TAP, we make it easy for organizations to implement, manage, and scale their software security programs.

The new program emphasizes our commitment to developing partnerships with adjacent technology vendors that produce best-in-class technology integrations. With TAP, partners will be able to empower their customers to develop secure software at scale, modernize their environments with SaaS-based software security, and cost-effectively demonstrate the clear business value of secure coding.

“Modern business applications are more complex than ever, and even in the most rigorous software development lifecycle (SDLC), development complexity means vulnerabilities will be introduced. »? As part of the Veracode Technology Alliance program, we can provide customers with solutions that protect the software supply chain and secure data against the most sophisticated cyberattacks organizations face today.???ツ? -ツ?Michael McCollough, Global Vice President, Strategic Growth at Imperva

Our Technology Alliance program represents a new way forward in how we collaborate with our technology partners, fostering the best possible integrations to delight customers and delivering program benefits such as:

  • Association with the leader in software security
  • In-depth access to products
  • A developer toolkit with APIs
  • Technical clearance
  • Co-marketing opportunities

Simply put, by integrating the best scanning tools into their software, Veracode TAP Partners will have an easier time helping their customers deliver secure software faster.

And that’s only the beginning. Over time, we will add more integrations and evolve our Technology Alliance program to provide even more resources, tools, and business opportunities to our partners.

For more information about our TAP, including becoming a partner, contact us today.

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