Vontier announces accelerated share buyback program

RALEIGH, North Carolina–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Vontier Corporation (“Vontier”) (NYSE: VNT) today announced that it has entered into a $250 million accelerated share repurchase agreement (the “ASR Agreement” or “ASR”) with Citibank, NA Vontier will acquire the shares as part of its previously approved $500 million stock repurchase authorization announced in May 2021.

“Vontier is in the midst of a multi-year portfolio transformation, and this ASR reflects our strong belief in the business, its growth prospects and the strength of its free cash flow as we reposition Vontier to be the transition leader. energy and solving the problems of tomorrow and the challenges of intergenerational mobility and transportation,” said Mark D. Morelli, President and Chief Executive Officer.

“Our Board and management are committed to allocating capital on an accretive basis with accelerated share buyback as an immediate priority to build shareholder value. Vontier’s long-term capital allocation priorities seek to balance disciplined investment in organic and inorganic opportunities with the return of capital to shareholders. Given the strength of our balance sheet, we are confident in our ability to achieve both of these objectives while maintaining our investment grade ratings,” continued Morelli. “We will continue to align our capital allocation priorities and the optionality of our strategic portfolio to the benefit of our shareholders as we execute on-going initiatives to drive portfolio diversification and profitable growth.”

Subject to the achievement of this ASR, Vontier is expected to have approximately $250 million remaining under its current repurchase authorization. Although the amount and timing of future share purchases will be subject to a number of factors, including Vontier’s business, share price and general market conditions, the Company intends to continue redemptions later in the year to create shareholder value. The remaining share repurchases may be effected from time to time through open market purchases, 10b5-1 plans, future ASR programs or through over-the-counter transactions.


Vontier is a global industrial technology company at the forefront of solving next-generation mobility and transportation challenges. Guided by the Vontier Business System and an unwavering commitment to our customers, Vontier delivers smart, sustainable solutions to create a better world.


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Ryan H. Bowman