Walters State Receives Grant to Fund TIME Program | WJHL

GREENEVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) – Walters State Community College has received a nearly $1 million grant to fund the college’s Training Industrial Manufacturing Excellence (TIME) program.

The money, provided by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission, will allow the college to provide vocational education tools and opportunities for high school students and apprenticeship programs for area makers, according to a statement from school.

TIME is a program designed to help high school students enter the workforce and will bring improvements to general education.

These enhancements include the provision of courses that emphasize the skills, attitude and habits needed by employers, virtual reality exercises and camps designed to show students the work involved in making and delivering learning assessment credits for completing science management technology assessments.

The release also says students will be offered work-based learning through apprenticeships, pre-apprenticesships and other real-world opportunities.

“This represents a unique opportunity for educators and employers in our service area to introduce career opportunities in manufacturing and other key skill areas to students earlier in their educational journey,” said Walters State President. , Dr. Tony Miksa. “We know that students make better choices when informed. This grant will allow us to deliver this information in new and more relevant ways through experiences such as pre-learning. »

The release says the grant will fund the TIME program and help unite the 10 counties in the Walters State service area through a partnership involving school systems, employers and economic agencies.

Ryan H. Bowman