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YouTube and its company Shorts are hailed for obvious reasons. This feature has taken the app to new heights of success, not to mention great popularity and huge revenue generation.

Now, the company plans to pull out all the stops for a possible new ongoing project. The news comes to us thanks to a recent meeting held internally. Starting next week, Shorts creators will be able to reap the benefits of their Shorts content as monetization rolls out.

The big change is one that will allow the feature to give creators a much-anticipated new way to earn more money on the platform. And as you can imagine, that took a long time to happen. The company adds that these new changes will all be made public by September 20.

Recently, we’ve seen a number of creators explain that they need around 4,000 hours of watch time and around 1,000 subscribers before they can make more money through the App’s Partners program. But if you think the same criteria would still hold true for Shorts designers, well, think again.

This way, it won’t take much to qualify for monetization when you post Shorts content, and the news is hailed as great by creators. And then there were discussions about how ad revenue would be evenly distributed.

About 45% of the share would go to the creators, while the platform will keep the rest. And it’s quite different from what’s been described for regular content. In this case, it was a 55% share. But even that will suffice, we believe. The company hopes that such a change will succeed in attracting all types of creators to its app, as there are plenty of money-making opportunities these days on YouTube.

That’s what signals it to other rivals who are struggling with that part of the ball game.

In times of economic uncertainty, what more could you ask for?

For a decade or more, the app has been known to serve as a real powerhouse in terms of video content. And while most of them are typically unpaid, creators love creating content and expressing themselves through the app.

Still, if you’re popular, you benefit more from others, and we’re talking about the creator economy turning into a real career for some.

In the recent past, heaving of vertical videos has really become attractive on the app. We’ve seen it do the same for similar apps like TikTok, which many people say is the leader in this regard. They were the pioneers of the feature film, proving to be dominant. And as you can imagine, others must have followed in their footsteps.

So YouTube thought, why not make the most of the feature by pushing the advertising industry forward. And it also plans to add popular tracks in the videos for extra incentive.

Much of the app’s content was flagged for copyright issues, and the platform was forced to send ad revenue to those who owned the rights to the songs. Now he plans to start an exciting new business. This is linked to a collaboration with YouTube Music and Shorts where there will be a shared playlist.

For now, the news is very new, but if and when it launches, we think it could be a game-changer for the app. Therefore, this is just the start of great things about the app.


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Ryan H. Bowman